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Their is no stupid question? Sometimes their are stupid answers. We hope that we have provided you with smart and precise answers.

How Can I Help?

How Can I Have An Impact?

Bring us your suggestions, ideas, and concerns. If you have and idea or suggetion we will research the idea and respond to you in person but also post the response here, as part of your FAQ.

Our focus is upon improving the services we offer and the opportunities we give for people to get involved.

Getting the best ideas and suggestions help us help the world.

Where is your business located?

We are located in Knoxville TN. Our exact address is:
I-75 & Pike Rd.
Knoxville TN. 37012

Do you give free estimates?

We do give estimates and free consultations over the phone. If we come to your site then we charge according to the services we render or are asked to give an estimate on.

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes!! All of our products and services are guaranteed. The terms vary on the type of product or service. Please call or contact us with regards to specific guarantees

What kinds of products do you sell?

We create design and sell products that range from computers to wind and solar units. We design entire systems for businesses and individuals. We design, create and install organic farming sytems such as hydroponics and controlled environment. We develop software that is efficient and provides a company with infinite expandability. For a broader scope on our expansive list please call or contact us.

Do you have resources that will help us become more green?

Yes!! We can hook you up with many organizations that will be right in your neighborhood and right up your alley. If you want to get involved and learn more about getting green then fill out our get involved form.

Do you offer financing for the products you sell?

We do offer financing on the larger products we design and sell. These are such things as wind and solar generators. Smaller products and services are not offered in this category.

Do you step outside the green environment?

The short answer is no. The green environment is so wide spread that for a company to ask us to do something that does not involve sustainability or Eco-friendly practices would be highly unlikely.

What does getting involved mean?

we are enthusiastic about people who want to protect the environment. We can show you local organizations that are also enthusiastic and are excited to have new comers get involved. We can also show you tips and tricks you can do right at home.

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